1. What Is An FHA 203(K) Loan?

    In our previous blog we told you all about FHA loans and why people get them. You might think that, having such a similar name, the FHA 203(K) loan would attract the same type of home loan seeker. But the similar name and the fact that they’re government-insured is about all these two types of mortgage loans share, so we thought we’d better let you know how FHA 203(K) …Read More

  2. What Is An FHA Loan?

    In our previous blogs we’ve talked about the advantages of VA loans and how they can help those who have served our country in the United States Armed Forces. We’ve also discussed how USDA loans help those who are interested in moving to smaller towns or out to the country. But there’s another loan out there for those who have special loan circumstance and want to li…Read More

  3. Who Needs Jumbo Loans?

    Jumbo loans, also known as jumbo mortgages, are one of the lesser-known types of home loans for one big reason: most people will never need them. While anyone can qualify for a USDA loan if they want to move to the country or small town, only those who are seeking a larger-than-average loan will ever even need to consider a jumbo loan. Today we’re going to break down the…Read More

  4. What Is A VA Loan, and Who Is Eligible?

    It’s hard to beat the feeling that comes with approving a VA loan. After all, veterans and active service members have given so much to our country, and it feels good to do a little to say thank you by helping them with their VA mortgage. VA loans might seem like a simple concept, but there are many questions about what they are and who qualifies. Your best bet is to tal…Read More

  5. How Construction Loans Differ From Your Average Home Loan

    Most people who are purchasing a home are either buying a pre-existing home from another buyer or are purchasing it directly from the builder. Because these loans are often very straightforward, the type of mortgage is determined by the people taking out the home loan; the actual house, surprisingly, has little to do with the loan. But when it comes to new construction, ev…Read More

  6. Let’s Talk About USDA Loans

    While USDA loans are available to millions of people across the country, few people know about them. These loans are used by people who are aren’t interested in living in the big city and instead want to live out in the open or in small towns. And, according the the USDA, that “footprint” of eligible areas is probably larger than you might think! USDA loans (official…Read More

  7. VA Loans, Jumbo Loans, and Conventional Loans

    In our previous blog we discussed some of the less-common but very important types of loans that homeowners can get from a mortgage lender. For instance, USDA loans are great for those who want live out in rural areas. Construction loans are a great option if you’re more interested in building than buying. FHA loans are perfect for those who might have had financial prob…Read More

  8. Welcome to The Frederick Branch of Goldwater Bank, Your Home For Home Loans

    We’d like to thank you for stopping by the Frederick Branch of Goldwater Bank, serving the people of western Maryland. It is our goal to help as many people as possible find the home loan that’s perfect for them, whether they need something traditional or a little more unique. Either way, we’re here to help people attain the American dream of homeownership. So, what …Read More