Comprehensive Residential Construction Lending Options

Sometimes the best option is to simply build it yourself. But beyond the challenges of getting your custom home built, you’ll also need to consider the different financing options for doing so. Armed with solid options for home construction financing, our team of local lending professionals can help explain the differences, the pros and cons of each building loan, and what option would work best for you.

Building your home from scratch takes patience, flexibility, and forethought. As your partners in lending, we can help you attain the needed funds for your next project, while reducing the stress and eliminating the confusion that often surrounds these deals.

The benefits of our Two-Time Close and Interim Construction Loan options include:

  • Funds for building escrowed at closing 
  • Commencement draw to builder at closing (with permits)
  • Up to 95% LTV-conforming and high-balance FNMA loan limits
  • Up to 75% LTV-conforming jumbo construction (loan limits to $1 million)
  • Covers land/home packages and land-in-lieu transactions
  • Covers both builder/third party land purchases and borrower-owned land
  • Extended 270-day build time

Your construction loan interest accrual and construction fees are both included in your affordable, easy-to-pay monthly installments, and your realtor’s commission is conveniently paid at the closing of ICL. Goldwater Bank’s requirements for credit scores and down payments is very reasonable, so contact us for more details. Simply call us at (240) 422-8536, or use the form at the right.

By covering every aspect of your residential construction loan, we make the process as seamless and as transparent as possible. Our goal is to remove the obstacles that have kept you from building the home of your dreams, offering you a partnership in lending that focuses on your unique, personal needs. Find out more by scheduling your personal consultation with our team now.